Sunday, May 27, 2012

In Defense of Gaddafi

Since early 2011 at the wake of what’s been called the “Arab Spring”, the Middle East and North Africa has seen months of instability, protests, violence, and regime changes. While these uprisings may seem to be authentic causes by citizens for human rights, they are in reality uprisings controlled and orchestrated by western and UN powers in order to cause instability and force regime change within these countries. Their plan is to take out the current regimes and replace them with regimes that are pro-western/UN that will work with and for western/UN interest. These new regimes will surrender their citizens and their resources by allowing foreign “aid” to come into the now chaotic country which will put them in debt to international banks that cannot realistically be paid back. So in essence, the country and its citizens becomes property of these international bankers through debt. It is literally neo-colonialism.  Libya under the late Col. Muammar Gaddafi was a victim to this neo-colonialism plan for North Africa and the Middle East. Most people in the US only know about Libya and Gaddafi from what the propaganda machine, the media, has said about the situation. Usually the media says something along the lines that Gaddafi was a ruthless dictator, that he was killing his own people, that he was a madman, etc. While I do not intend to convince anyone that Gaddafi was a perfect leader, I do intend to point out the fabrications the West has invented about Gaddafi and show what Libya was like under Gaddafi and what Libya is like now.

One fabrication that was vigorously propagated by the Western media was that Gaddafi was killing his own people i.e. peaceful Libyan protesters and civilians. This is simply not true. The ones that the media was referring to as “peaceful protesters” were in fact foreign mercenaries who were fully equipped with firearms and were paid and supported by the UN. These mercenaries had intentions on overthrowing Gaddafi, so he did the only thing that any country leader would do and ordered his forces to fire on them. This resulted in the Libyan civil war. Ask yourself, if foreigners here in the US decided to equip themselves with an arsenal of firearms and had intentions on attacking our capital to overthrow our President, how would our government react? Would the media be calling them “peaceful protesters”? The truth of the matter is, the only people that Gaddafi’s forces were firing on were the mercenaries and rebels that were placed in Libya to cause chaos. There was no evidence whatsoever that suggests Gaddafi was killing his own people. Alan J. Kuperman, a professor at the University of Texas, analyzed data that showed that in one of the major cities that pro-Gaddafi forces captured only 3% of the wounded were women. He said that this data shows that the violence by Gaddafi’s forces was not indiscriminate but targeted, targeted at fighters because the fighters were male. If civilians were indeed the targets, there would be thousands killed and not a few hundred, and there would be more women casualties as well, not 3%.


There is evidence that shows that NATO actually killed more civilians including women and children from their intervention and bombing, and then tried to cover it up.


Being that there was no evidence to suggest that Gaddafi was killing civilians, the Obama administration and NATO had no legitimate reason to invade Libya, which means that their “humanitarian aid” story was a lie and used as a cover up for their true intentions in Libya. This is of utmost importance because this fact needs to be known in order to understand the larger picture.

How successful was US/NATO’s intervention in Libya? Did they really supply “humanitarian aid”? Let’s examine the state Libya is in right now for the answer. Libya is currently still torn apart by civil war, al-Qaeda members (who are supported by the CIA) have taken over a large part of the country, blacks are being targeted and massacred by these same foreign mercenaries, those still loyal to Gaddafi are being massacred, both men, women and children, and so many people have been displaced out of their homes because of NATO’s bombs. Libya has become completely unstable, as the ones who orchestrated this uprising wanted it to be. What the UN and international bankers will do now is install a head of State in Libya that will act as a puppet to the UN who will allow foreign companies and banks to come into Libya to rebuild it from the ground up. This will put Libya in an incredible amount of debt that cannot be paid back, thus Libya becoming under control of the UN politically and under control of the international bankers economically, who ultimately run the show. Gaddafi was always demonized by the western media not because he was really some evil dictator, but because he was anti-West and he stood as opposition against any western influence or colonizing in Libya. While the media always resorted to rhetoric of Gaddafi being taken out of context in order to paint a negative image of him, they always failed to mention the positive things Gaddafi has done for Libya and Africa as a whole. Let’s examine the state of Libya before this uprising; when Gaddafi was in power, Libyans had the highest per capita income in all of Africa.  A home was a basic right of every citizen in Libya, with Gaddafi saying in his own words that his own parents “would not get a house until everyone in Libya has a home”. Electricity was free in Libya along with medical expenses, and loans were interest free, Gaddafi being against interest due to it being forbidden in Islam. The literacy rate in Libya under Gaddafi went from 25% to an astonishing 83% with education expenses in government universities being free. Libya under Gaddafi was also debt free with $150 billion in reserves which have now been frozen internationally. Gaddafi also carried out the largest irrigation project in the world to supply fresh water throughout Libya and other places on the African continent and he was a strong supporter of a united, independent Africa and he stood against apartheid in South Africa. Now of course no one is perfect, but can you name an American leader with a track record like Gaddafi’s?

Lastly and most importantly, Gaddafi began taking steps towards introducing the gold dinar, a central currency for all of Africa backed by gold. This was in my own honest opinion the main reason the West sought to kill Gaddafi when they saw the opportunity to do so. Under Gaddafi’s plan, all of Africa’s oil and resources would be traded only using gold dinars. That would mean a country’s wealth would be determined on how much gold it had rather than how many US dollars were being traded. Of course this poses a great threat to the banking elite that controls the world’s central banks, for if Gaddafi were successful in implementing the gold dinar for Africa, it would have been impossible for the international bankers to take control of any of Africa’s oil and resources. The gold dinar would have empowered both African and Islamic countries and would have allowed African self-determination on the continent, self-determination being something the West has always been against for Africans in both the US and on the mother continent.


It would have changed the international economic system completely, exposing the international banker’s fraudulent system and toppling them from power. The reason I feel so strongly that this was the main objective in ousting Gaddafi is because it has happened many times in history before, and my next entry will go in-depth on how the international bankers have assassinated leaders throughout modern history for wanting to back their currency by either a gold or silver standard.

In conclusion, my purpose here was not to convince anyone that Gaddafi was a saint or that he always made the right decisions, but to instead point out that the reasons for the US and NATO’s involvement in Libya was for neo-colonialism and not for any humanitarian aid. I never met Gaddafi, nor have I ever lived in Libya under his regime so I cannot comment on his character, but enough evidence does show that he was not the ruthless dictator that the West’s propaganda machine says he was. All of this should be taken in consideration with how the West is handling current similar situations like the one in Syria. The fact that the US and NATO sent “humanitarian aid” in the form of bomb shells should alone be enough to alarm you and see that there’s a hidden agenda. I pray for peace and hope for the future of Libya, and that all those who died as martyrs fighting against the Babylon system rest in peace, including Col. Muammar Gaddafi.

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