Monday, November 15, 2010

The Prophet's "Way of Life" (Dīn)

As-Salamu Alaykum bloggers! After an unexpected two month absence, I am happy to say I am back. The reason for my absence is a mix of being caught up in the things life throws at you and just being lazy. Rest assure, I have my motivation back and I will be keeping my blog updated from here on out.

A friend of mine who is a Christian had recently asked me some questions relating to Islam and my reversion which ended up being a great and productive dialogue. The following is a message I had sent to him explaining short and simple, the "way of life" of the Prophets, which I thought I would post here on my blog for others to read and understand as well. Insha'Allah it will be beneficial to all who reads it.

Muslims believe in the true scriptures that were revealed (Torah, Gospel), but the present-day Bible is clearly not those scriptures. Not only is there many different translations saying different things, there's entire chapters and verses that contradict one another, and it's been proven that words were deliberately put into the text. This only requires an in-depth study on the topic to find this out. Link: Who Changed The Bible And Why?

The prophets weren't practicing Judaism, the Pharisees and the ones that tried to kill the prophets were because they fell into innovation and started to follow man's doctrine in the place of God's. The prophets "way of life" was submission to God alas Islam. Jesus always condemned the Pharisees for their ways while his call to the Jews and the House of Israel was obedience to the will of God, so he called them to Islam, in which therefore, Jesus was Muslim, in that he also surrendered to the will of God. Moses couldn't have been a Jew or practiced Judaism, for he is the one who received the law. What made him a prophet is he brought a revelation to the 12 tribes and what made him a Muslim is he surrendered to the will of God. What made his and the 12 tribes "way of life" Islam is his revelation he brought, the Torah when it was in its pure state which was the will of God, and surrendering to His will by obeying His established laws is Islam. Abraham never heard the terms "Jew", "Judaism", "Christian", his "way of life" was obedience to God which is Islam, which also makes him a Muslim. Muhammad did not bring any new religion with him, only the final revelation for mankind, the Qur'an. His "way of life" and message was the same as the previous prophets I just discussed, submission to the One God, which is Islam, which also makes him Muslim and the people that obey his revealed scripture, the Qur'an which is the direct Word of God, Muslims.

So if you don't believe in the Prophet-hood of Muhammad and you don't believe and follow his revealed scripture the Qur'an, than you cannot be considered Muslim. In my understanding, religion is man made and innovation, true Islam is not a religion but a Dīn which means "way of life", hence why I've been referring to it that way. Islam is what it is, submission to God, but in order to do that, you must believe in all the prophets and all the scriptures and again I don't mean the present-day Bible, but the original scriptures and the Qur'an, which was the final testament to mankind revealed to the final prophet for mankind. They are all one, One God, One Message, One Dīn.

People that are killing innocents and doing suicide bombings have stepped outside the fold of Islam and are not Muslims and are not doing Jihad, even if they think they are. It's not any different than your man Adolf Hitler who claimed to be Catholic.

As for Jihad itself, Jihad is "fighting for the sake/cause of God". Jihad is in the Bible. When the Hebrews conquered Canaan, that itself was Jihad. When the Israelites were defeating the nations that were trying to oppress them and blasphemy the name of God, that was Jihad. There's proper conditions for Jihad for we are told in the Qur'an to not transgress limits God has set, and the only two conditions for Jihad is for self defense or fighting tyranny and oppression. Never is one allowed to kill innocents nor commit suicide for these are grave sins, and if peace if offered, fighting must seize.

But understand this, there's great truth in what many pastors and priest are afraid of in that Islam is taking over and wanting to establish a one world system. Also understand though that Islam, "submission to God", is what the entire world is suppose to be and it will come to be. As I said in a previous blog post, this is Biblically prophesied. Isaiah 45:23 God speaking says “I have sworn by myself, the word is gone out of my mouth in righteousness, and shall not return, that unto me every knee shall bow, every tongue shall swear.” Everyone will have to come into submission/obedience to God, God said it Himself. The world will come into Islam. This is why you find that it says in the Qur'an that no other religion will be accepted except Islam.

This one world system, Islam, is not the same as the New World Order. The New World Order is a false replica of the heavenly system Islam. This goes into understanding the Dajjal/Anti-Christ, he tries to replicate everything the true Messiah Jesus will do. When Jesus returns, he will defeat the Dajjal and he will establish the one world system of Islam, submission to God. Islam is actually the Old World Order in which it is the original Dīn of everything and mankind, Adam being the first of mankind to submit to God making his Dīn Islam and him a Muslim. Islam and the NWO are polar opposites of each other in which one calls for the submission to God in which brings peace, freedom, justice, and knowledge while the other calls for the secularization of the world, war, oppression, tyranny, and ignorance.

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