Saturday, August 28, 2010

When Will We Say Enough Is Enough?

Police brutality is on the rise as our country is developing into a police state. The past month I've read numerous articles on police brutality from an 86 year old woman being tasered in her own home for calling emergency for help, a pastor being assaulted for wrongfully being accused of trafficking, to a young boy being ran over and killed by an officer for "suspicious behavior".

This one however nearly tops them all. Here is a man at the Alaska State Fair holding an impeach Obama sign. He draws a crowd and then security comes and tells him he doesn't have a right to be there. They start to argue over how he has the right of free speech and then the security officer assaults the man. I forgot to mention this man looks to be in his 60's and he is disabled. They tackle the man to the ground, holds him there for a few minutes, and then cuffs him and takes him away.

This man's rights were clearly violated here. We have freedom of speech here in America, I guess these idiots forgot. What's even more sad and frustrating is the fact no one bothered to help the man. Is this what America has come to? Allowing our first and most important amendment violated and not doing anything to oppose it? If so, then America is over as we know it; it's also ironic that the man had a Hitler stache on Obama's face and this is exactly the treatment given to those who opposed his Nazi regime. WAKE UP PEOPLE!