Saturday, April 17, 2010

Food For Your Brain

So yesterday I met someone new and we started to discuss things about the world and our government. The conversation went on for awhile and the dude was real interested in learning what I knew, which is definitely a good thing is this day and age, especially with him being young. Since the topic came on so strong yesterday, I decided to post up on here the things that made me start to think different, better.

People that know me well know that I pay close attention to world events and the "bigger picture". While I've always been sharp on social studies topics (history, politics, culture, etc), it's only recently (as of 07-08) that I've paid attention to the "bigger picture". What do I mean by that? Well here's a few videos that changed my views on things these past couple years. Start from the bottom up with the Obama Deception and after watching the videos, do your own research. You're gonna be amazed at what you learn...

Vezi mai multe video din Evenimente

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